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Funeral Director Continuing Education Texas

Texas Funeral Continuing Education SPECIAL!
10 credits for $49.95
$5.00 for each additional credit ordered on the same order.
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Funeral Continuing Education Texas

View Available Online Courses in Texas
10 credits for $49.95 and $5.00 for each additional credit ordered on the same order.

Welcome to Funeral Continuing your online provider for Texas funeral service continuing education. We guarantee fast and affordable Texas online funeral CE courses to fulfill your Texas funeral director continuing education and Texas embalmer continuing education credits. All of our online funeral courses have been approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP Approved) as well as by over 30 State Funeral Licensing Boards, including Texas.

The following Texas Funeral Professionals can take our online courses:
  • Texas Funeral Director Continuing Education
  • Texas Embalmer Continuing Education
  • Texas Cremationist Continuing Education
Funeral Continuing's online funeral courses make it easy for you to get your Texas funeral director continuing education credit hours you need when you need them. Make the most of your time by taking our online courses at your own convenience whenever and wherever you want! You do not have to complete your online course in one session. We will keep track of your progress at every step and when you decide to finish it will be at your convenience.

We offer great competitive pricing for Texas Funeral Director CE and Texas Embalmer CE. Receive a discounted rate when you order multiple courses.

There is no need to wait for your certificate in the mail. Get your test results and print your certificate immediately upon completion!

If at any time you have trouble with your online course we are here to help you. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Click Here to contact us.

State Requirements:
Funeral Directors & Embalmers: 16 CE hours every two years due 1st day of the month following the licensee's birth month
*All CE hours may be taken online
*Required each renewal: Ethics: 2 hours, TX Mortuary Law Updates: 2 hours, Vital Statistics Requirements and Regulation: 2 hours
*You are permitted to carryover 10 CE hours with written request. Required courses are not allowed to carryover to next renewal
*Course repetition is not allowed within a 2 year licensing period

Available Texas Funeral Director Online CE Courses:
Upselling Without Upsetting the Client
Understanding Hospice and Palliative Care
Modern Funeral Customs
Limiting Exposure to HIV / AIDS
Complying with the FTC Funeral Rule
Funeral Products and the Environment
OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes
Helping Parents Cope with Unexpected Death
Ethics, Attitude and Customer Service
When Children Die: Guidance for the Final Arrangements
Helping Parents Help Children Cope with Death
Burial with Military Honors - Best Practices
Texas Vital Statistics
Funerary Ethics and Best Practices
Working with the Cemetery
Sociology of Death
Restorative Art and Modern Techniques
Perinatal Bereavement and Memorialization

* All credits must be purchased on the same order to receive the discounted bundle price. The discounted bundle price for Texas is 10 credits for 49.95 and 5.00 for each additional credit ordered on the same order. We do not offer price adjustments after an order has been placed. Any additional credits ordered on a subsequent order will be full price.

Funeral Director Continuing Education Texas

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